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Joseph Nogucci Fashion Bracelets and Accessories

The Joseph Nogucci collection offers an eclectic and expansive range of designs, all drawing inspiration from a wealth of sources. Charged with symbolic significance and historical, mystical, & popular meaning, Joseph Nogucci's pieces of wearable art always have more behind them than meets the eye. Joseph Nogucci's catalogue includes jewelry crafted from semi-precious stones, precious metals, beads, crystals & much more.

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The Engravable Kismet Links Bracelet

Since time immemorial, eastern mysticism has been inextricably linked to the concept of fate, an unknowable universal force guiding us all down our pre-determined paths. In the Hindi tongue, Kismet is synonymous with destiny, for that which was meant to be and surely will someday be. The Kismet Links bracelet is inspired by this ideal of destiny, and the belief that all is for the best, even when it doesn't appear to be so at first glance. Our individual fates do not confine us - they guides us, protects us, and brings us where we need to go, even if we don't yet realize it. The linked chains of the Kismet are designed to represent the interlocking bonds of destiny, drawn together to form a dependable and fateful path that stretches out into eternity.

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