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Joseph Nogucci Fashion Bracelets and Accessories

The Joseph Nogucci collection offers an eclectic and expansive range of designs, all drawing inspiration from a wealth of sources. Charged with symbolic significance and historical, mystical, & popular meaning, Joseph Nogucci's pieces of wearable art always have more behind them than meets the eye. Joseph Nogucci's catalogue includes jewelry crafted from semi-precious stones, precious metals, beads, crystals & much more.

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Product of the Week

Fortunate One Dharma Stone

The Fortunate One bracelet, of the Characteristics of Buddha Series, is crafted from Aquamarine Stones. Aquamarine is tranquil and flowing; it represents peace and health. Drawing inspiration from the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment, each of the Dharma Stone bracelets is uniquely beautiful and charged with positive spiritual energy.The Dharma Stone bracelets are hand-crafted from 8mm semi-precious and artisanal stone beads and are hand-strung on an elastic cord. Each bracelet is accented with a crystal covered shamballa and a stunning rhodium plated Buddha charm.

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