The Reynolds Moustache - Purple Amethyst Maestro Bracelet

The Reynolds Moustache



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Purple Amethyst Maestro Bracelet

The Unisex Maestro Collection has been specially designed to accent and thicken nearby Moustaches. Inspired by the rugged and mysterious facial foxtail, the Maestro Collection celebrates our stoutest of men with a stylish homage to the lip bristle.

Choose from a set of unqiue semi-precious stones including Tiger's Eye & Purple Amethyst. Gun Metal Accents add the final curl to the tips of this masterpiece.

Inspired by meditation, the bead bracelet has been a cultural icon for centuries. Early Tibetan and Indian Buddhist traditions saw stones as a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in inner Asia. Mentioned in a multitude of ancient texts, scriptures speak of a close relation to the land of Olmolungrin.

A perfect gift for men and women alike, aspiring moustache growers and hearty moustache experts.