Crystal MoonStone Kikiballa Bracelet - White Howlite Stone



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Crystal Kikiballa Bracelet

The MoonStone Kikiballa bracelet is made with White Howlite Stones and is adjustable in size.
The bead bracelet has been a symbol of peace, tranquility and happiness for generations. While the accessory has kept its spiritual meaning the design has undergone a makeover worthy of any high-end designer. The new unisex MoonStone KikiBalla bracelet line encrusts clear crystals in a pinnacle bead along weighted stone beads hand-woven together to create a spectacularly brilliant piece that is an eye catcher no matter what it is worn with.

The gleaming exuberance of each MoonStone Bracelet is pronounced by the stone from which it is made. Get playful with your look and dress things up with these gorgeous celebrity endorsed additions. They are sure to bring a twinkle to your eye.
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