IRIS Murano Charm Bracelets

Premium Murano Inspired IRIS Glass Beads & Charms
Explore the IRIS Murano Complete Charm Bracelet Collection that playfully mixes and matches stunning beads & charms together. Each IRIS Murano Bead collection includes six assorted hand-crafted IRIS glass beads of Rhodium Plated core. Complementing the beads are five stylish Rhodium plated charms. The collection is strung on an *PATENT PENDING* IRIS Rhodium filled European serpentine charm bracelet. 
Packaged and delivered in our signature Nogucci orange velvet and Gift Box, this Bead collection makes an impressive gift for yourself or for loved ones. Playful, yet elegant.
For thousands of years masterful civilizations have been hand-crafting elegant glass beads of increasing sophistication and taste. From Mesopotamians to Egyptians, Mediterranean Etruscans to the Early Phoenicians, the art of glass bead making has remained an important cultural symbol of earthly and man-made beauty.
Inspired by theclandestineand noble lampworking and glassblowing crafts later mastered in history by the Venetianson the island of Murano, the IRIS Murano Bead collection is a beauty to behold.